PIRROT, the metaverse built on the Binance Smart chain, an alternate digital reality where people socialize, work, play, earn, and transact. Metaverses built on the blockchain are self-contained virtual cities and economies that simulate real-world interactions.

we will provide gaming developers a series of gaming pre-launch supports, such as selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFT, Farms, NFT auction, and trading marketplace.

To achieve this goal we aim to innovate in the world of media through quality over quantity. The aim is not only to provide content, but industry innovation, by using blockchain technology to create the greatest profit potential for creators coupled with the most exciting environment for consumers.

Our NFT Marketplace and media platform will be cross chain, utilizing layer 2 solution protocols with the lowest fees and fastest transactions.

Competitive Advantages

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Problems in existing games

  • The currency is isolated, it can only be used within a game
  • Lack of value in the real world
  • A valuable reward for professional cyber-sportsman only
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Pirrot Game Model

  • A unified game currency for all games
  • PRT tokens can be exchanged for Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Each player receives PRT for their game achievements

Our principles

Free-to-play game without imba donation


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that can’t ever be replaced

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Bots protection

The fight against bots computational algorithms and the verification system in our finance app

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Valuable currency

Possibility to withdraw cryptocurrency and use it in the real world

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Simplicity & clarity

Clear rules and simple system of cryptocurrency withdrawal



Our Media